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Books & Writing

• Two non-fiction books for adults

Three children's books.

• Syndicated comic strip.

• Six years as a newspaper writer.

• Five years as a newspaper editor.

• Quarterfinalist in Austin Film Festival screenplay contest.

• Quarterfinalist in Nicholl screenplay contest.

• Quarterfinalist in Page screenplay contest.

• Finalist in Virginia screenplay contest.

• Fifteen years writing financial copy.

• Fifteen years writing advertising copy.


by Steve Stinson

• Co-author with Dawn Wells:

Mary Ann's Good Girls Guide to Life.

Taylor Trade, Rowman & Littlefield

• Coming in August, 2016

Bullet Bill Dudley:
The Greatest
60-Minute Man in Football


Lyon's Press,
 Rowman & Littlefield

Children's Books

Theodore Bump


Illustration for the re-issue of the Theodore Bump series by Rockisland Books.


Theodore is the kindhearted, but accident-prone hero of this series.


When his adventures put him in trouble, he turns to lessons from the Bible to find solutions.

steve stinson reading a children's book, where kent went

For a list of all books in development, click here

Kent's Unfortunate Ascent

"Kent stuffed fireworks in his pants." So begins a rowdy, slapstick around the world journey for the hapless Kent.


Watch him as he gathers surprising  souvenirs that get stuck in his pants along the way. He encounters Don Quixote and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, among others, before he is rescued from his landing place atop the Eiffel Tower.

Finds a Way

When all the guys find out that Grumpypants has a bed with two wrong sides, they set out to fix the problem.


Told from the point of view of his gang of pals, this story ends with a happy song.


Darien, the Crustatarian

Darien awakens to find her taste buds have gone away and that no food -- including candy and milkshakes -- tastes good. Her parents worry she won’t eat and will begin to shrink. Luckily, they discover the one food that makes all others edible.


She's an over the top drama queen and the book is illustrated from a child's eye view, putting readers in the role of a private audience, like a kid brother.

My Favorite Nursery Rhymes

These are the fun ones...the timeless rhymes that beg to be read aloud and remembered forever.


Some rhymes are miniature stories. Others are character sketches done in a few words. They should be illustrated that way, and that's what I've tried to do with this book.




Occupation: Artist


Wife: Patient and forgiving

Offspring: Less patient, equally forgiving

Home: World's smallest five-bedroom house
Education: B.A. English, Westminster College, Mo.

Commercial Art

• The Stinson Art Studio is a full service shop – writing, editing, design, graphics, illustration, web and interactive design.


Bullet Bill Dudley: The Greatest 60-Minute Man in Football. Lyons Press/Rowman & Littlefield. August, 2016.

Co-author What Would Mary Ann Do? with Dawn Wells. Published in September, 2014. Rowman & Littlefield.


• Art director, Roanoke, Va. Times, 1978-98

• Art director, Atlanta Journal, 1976-78


Comic Strips

"RFD 2" and "Hamlet," 1980's, no longer in syndication.



• Member Roanoke City Parks & Rec
  Citizens Advisory Board

• Ringmaster and juggler in "Circus
  Minimus," a show for children.

• Writer and performer in "Bad Poetry in
  Motion," a comedy troupe.

• Elementary school juggling coach.

• Founding Board Member, National D-Day
  Memorial Foundation.

• In 1974, rode a bicycle across Europe.
  It was far.

• In 1975, rode a bicycle across the United
  States. It was farther.

Children's Books

• Where Kent Went, Grumpypants Takes a Step, Darien the Crustatarian

• Illustration for Theodore Bump, What's in Your Trunk? and Theodore Bump, You're Late for Church. Rock Island Books, 2014-15.



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